Project Management and Construction Supervision

The management of capital projects requires experienced teams that implement safety procedures, apply discipline in budget compliance to avoid cost overruns, prevent delays, and meet the expected quality as specified by the Client. Globbulk international team can put this industry-specific experience at your service.

Cement import / export terminals

Cement terminals for import/export have special capex restrictions and logistics needs, starting with a relatively large storage capacity and a quick transfer rate once the ship arrives. To see our approach, take a look at our articles: "LIGHT ASSET STRATEGY FOR TERMINAL CONSTRUCTION" and "SUCCESSFUL TERMINAL DESIGN".

Clinker / GBFS grinding facilities

In the context of balancing excess capacity and distribution difficulties in different regions of the world, grinding plants allow the capture of overseas cement markets at reasonable investment and operational efficiency. See our "WORLDWIDE EXPERIENCE" where we present our involvement in grinding plants all around the world!.

Clinker / GBFS import / export operations

Optimization of port handling materials during vessel's load- and unloading make the difference in import and export operations of cementitious materials. Globbulk further provides expertise in port regulations, vessel's specifications, loading/unloading rates, shipping freights, demurrages and dispatch, charter parties and bills of lading and administrative procedures. We analyzed some of the key features from the maritime perspective in this article: "COMING INTO PORT".

Clinker production lines

From the full project management scope to specific consulting services, we are ready to engage in your clinker production facilities project.

Projects at greenfield or brownfield plants

Our experience in project management and construction supervision covers both new plants built from scratch, as well as expansion or revamping projects built in the middle of existing layouts.

Revamping / overhauling of existing installations

There is a wide range of renovation projects in which we have participated: substitution and addition of new packers or palletizers, structural reinforcement of maritime facilities, expansion of storage capacity, new grinding mills, addition of separators, etc. We mentioned some cases in our article "STRUCTURAL ASSET MAINTENANCE IN CEMENT PLANTS".

Consulting Services for import and export operations of cementitious materials and solid fuels

These operations involve technical knowledge of the industry (appropriate handling of clinker, cement, etc.), port operations, plus a commercial approach (footprint, agility and first mover advantage). The required expertise blend is special, with specific experience and knowledge of both, shipping and industrial fields.

Inbound / outbound logistics

When sold products become increasingly similar, the logistics service provided to the Client can make a sales difference. We support this differentiation with our analytical assessments of distribution networks. On the inbound side we can provide evaluations of maritime supply operations at the plant and multi-plant level, as well as land supply chain analysis and optimization.

Technical audits

In industry or business, performance without measurement is a matter of chance. We reduce the scope of chance by thoroughly auditing the core producing departments of a cement plant with our specialized teams comprising experts in civil, mechanical, electrical and automation.

Due diligence and valuations

Either acting on behalf of the Seller or the (prospective) Buyer, we provide professional independent advice on technical and financial aspects. If required, we can include the legal, environmental and safety approaches.

Feasibility studies and Risk assessments

Business is a serious matter, and we believe that structured approaches and evaluations are necessary. We can provide a proven methodology for the assessment of projects and portfolios, adapted as necessary to the particularities of the specific Client and project.

Pneumatic conveying analysis

Within our network of independent experts we can simulate alternative pneumatic conveying solutions, looking for the best outcome and provide tailor-made solutions to specific transport challenges.

CAPEX estimates / Financial evaluation

From the project evaluation stage until handover and project closure it is necessary to have reliable estimates of the capital investment requirements. It is a fact that the record of Capex estimates in the profession is irregular. We are conscious of this situation and apply our experience, projects database and procedures to assess the different risks of budget deviation. See, for instance, our article on "PDRI IN PROJECTS".

Project scheduling

The schedule of a project does not start on contract signature, and project delays are not only caused by manufacture or construction problems. We provide comprehensive schedules, realistic and project-specific, updated with clear baselines and detailed critical paths, so that they are a true control and forecast tool, and not a mere reporting obligation.

Tendering and contract negotiations

We provide services covering the evaluation of contracting alternatives, the preparation of tender documents, the preselection of bidders, contract negotiations, contract management, and independent expertise on litigations and disputes.

Optimization and supervision of port handling operations

Globbulk's backbone has been the international maritime trade, and we can provide experience-based assistance for improvements in port operations, terminals and ship loading/unloading.

Equipment maintenance plans

Most factories take maintenance for granted. However, there are plants where maintenance levels have been slowly degraded; there are also cases where the handing-over from the constructor has not been successful, and the operators find themselves in the wild; and there are plants where maintenance just means repair. We can provide maintenance procedures adapted to each case, and assist with the implementation of adequate routines - from excel-based to ERP-integrations.

Material handling and dedusting

Spillages and dust are the norm in too many plants. The related expenses are most often hidden: personnel accidents and equipment wear, production disruption and material losses, monetary fines and reputation damage. We are convinced by experience that our experts' knowledge can help you to find a suitable solution.

Dispatch operations in bulk and bags (& big-bags)

Dispatch inefficiencies are not only a plant production bottleneck, they are a bottleneck directly affecting the Client. (We believe that truck drivers are also Clients, even if they often are third-party intermediaries). Our experience has helped plants to improve their dispatch performance by analytical means combined with hands-on site assessment and follow-up with the Client.

Modular Grinding Plants

Modular grinding plants provide a quick and low-capex entrance into markets that were until few years ago too small to be attractive. We have provided support to Sinoma-CBMI as presented in "NEW PARTNERSHIP".

Full support: from conceptual engineering to handover

Our scope of consulting services covers the complete range, and we adapt our services to the Client's requirements to provide actual value.

All specialities: from geotechnics to training

The network of specialist working with us can provide the necessary expert for the required task.

Comprehensive budget from the Client's perspective

Experience shows that Clients may underestimate the full scope of a project when they deal with an "EPC contractor", as they may think that the contract price is the project budget. Unfortunately, this is not the case and our budgeting procedures cover the full scope of project expenses. See our article on "CAPEX CONSIDERATIONS" on this subject.

Possibility of complete EPC project, including finance support

Our partner in Modular Grinding Plants, Sinoma-CBMI, can provide finance for the project. Let us know and study your project!

Design and Construction

We cover tasks at the office, the manufacturing workshop and the project site, blending the three as required in order to provide the best value to our Clients.

Basic and detailed engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical and process)

Our scope of services covers from the conceptual engineering to the detailed drawings, in the four main disciplines of civil, mechanical, electrical and process engineering.

Low cost clinker grinding plants

This is where our core experience was built, in the interface of industrial performance and commercial agility. See more in our article on modular grinding plants "CAPEX CONSIDERATIONS".

Compact / modular grinding plants and import / export cement terminals

Cement terminals for import/export and modular grinding stations have particularities related to their logistics, construction restrictions, and the business approach, which requires a specific blend of knowledge. You can read more on bulk terminals in our article "SUCCESSFUL TERMINAL DESIGN", or on packing for distribution by waterways in "FROM PACKER TO SHIP".

Shiploaders for bulk materials

The natural complement to the export operations are the bulk shiploaders. Although there are many types, we provide assistance on specifications, installation, performance tests and hand-over, and operations. You can read more in our article on "MOBILE CLINKER SHIP-LOADERS".

Eco-hoppers for bulk materials handling

At the import side of bulk products, reception hoppers are a common equipment in many ports. A design for performance requires following some basic rules which are often disregarded. And when it comes to environmental performance, failure is the norm. Let us see your hopper, actual or in project, and we probably can help to improve its performance or design.

Dedusting bag filters

Bag filters are ubiquitous in a cement plant, yet their specifications, design, maintenance and performance are often not good. Our experts can provide design and audit services specifically addressed at the minimization of dust generation, its containment and elimination - the three pillars of dust control!


Nowadays few companies don't name quality in their strategy, and the same applies to projects. The record is probably less bright when we move from naming to actual implementation, and this applies to suppliers and buyers. We are convinced that quality is not just a word but an attitude which requires efforts and provides returns.

Integrated QA / QC service in Europe / China

Today's Clients need to hire inspection services that may cover China, India, Europe or the USA, or so different subjects as casting of large pieces, testing HV motors, measuring paint thickness, or structural design reviews. We include these services in our portfolio for you through network of quality specialists. See some cases in our article on "QAQC IN PROJECTS FOR THE CEMENT INDUSTRY".

Qualification assessment of suppliers and workshops

Plants often have recurrent projects where they use a set of known and tested suppliers. Capital projects are different and can involve international or local contractors for which the Client may have little information, and even less for the subcontractors and workshops. We conduct qualification assessments typically for specific areas ( marine works, silo construction) or parts ( large reducers, electric panels).

Resident inspectors as needed

For large projects and distant suppliers, it is often not feasible that the Client displaces his engineers as workshop resident inspectors. We have the qualified inspectors and can arrange these services for your project.

Equipment inspection and testing

Even when the Client has the needed expertise in-house, the schedule and the distance can make it unfeasible to attend even the critical manufacturing tests. Our network of inspectors can cover this eventuality and act as the Client's expert at the manufacturing workshop.

Coordination with engineering, manufacturing and shipping

During an important part of a project's life most of the activity happens at the suppliers' side: design, manufacturing and shipping, and the Client has few independent clues on what is really happening. This information gap can be critical, and to reduce this risk we integrate the information gathered by the quality inspectors and the design reviews.

Geotechnics and Mining

Cement manufacturing is a down-to-earth activity! From the geotechnical investigation for the most suitable design of the foundations, to the planning of quarrying tasks, our ground and office geologists and engineers will support your needs.

Quarry assessment and evaluation

We can provide geotechnical and geological experts for quarry assessment: from the estimation of reserves and quality of raw materials, to the mining plan or the selection of the most suitable equipment.

Supervision of geotechnical surveys

A good geotechnical investigation is critical for a proper foundations design. Although the field and lab works are well standardized, workmanship and experience are still important: it is frustratingly easy to spoil a clay or silt sample, or to conduct a site test in the wrong way. We recommend that qualified personnel is present at the geotechnical sites, and we can provide this staff, ready to be deployed.

Expertise on alternative foundation methods

Foundation design is typically one of the main sources of deviation in Capex projects for the cement industry. Soils with low bearing capacity have caused projects to be canceled, and budget contingencies to vanish during the first stages of construction. There are alternatives in the geotechnical domain beyond the one-solution-fits-all (aka piling), and we can provide such practical advice.

Training Programs

Our hands-on approach can also be transferred through training programs tailor-made to your requirements. Live, presence or on-stream, aiming at effective knowledge transfer.

Safety and environmental performance

The "license to operate" includes nowadays explicit performance on the safety and environment areas, among others. New rules, standards, requirements, tools, etc. continuously appear and require training or refreshing, which we can provide on request.

Project planning

If your junior (or seasoned!) engineers require formation on the available tools for project schedule management let us know: we can prepare a suitable and attractive proposal, including training workshops at your site.

Plant and port equipment maintenance

Our Equipment Maintenance Plans include the possibility of site training and follow-up for improved knowledge transfer.

Risk assessment

Risk management techniques are more and more required in today's industrial and commercial environments. We can provide specific training adapted to your requirements.

Legal aspects: corporate and shipping law, anti-bribery and corruption, litigation and international arbitration

Society, stakeholders, government and the cement companies have more stringent regulations on bribery and corruption, and much more attention is paid now to these matters, even from the penal perspective. The expansion of commercial relations brings the need to understand aspects that otherwise would remain out of scope, as shipping law or international arbitration. Our legal experts can provide training to your staff on these domains, suited to your needs and particularities.

Safety Assessment of Structures

The maintenance of civil structures (and infrastructure) tends to be neglected in cement plants, even though the proper structural condition of the preheater tower or the clinker silo is as necessary as the adequate operation of the kiln or the cement mil, and even when the failure of the former can be more serious than the failure of the latter. We include in our portfolio services aimed at reducing these risks.

Maintenance policies, plans and inspection procedures for civil and infrastructure assets

We have developed a series of procedures, manuals and tools aimed at the management of structural safety in cement plants, grinding stations and terminals. See, for instance, our article on "STRUCTURAL ASSET MAINTENANCE IN CEMENT PLANTS".

Support for ISO 55000 certifications

The standards under the ISO 55000 label cover a rather recent domain: asset management. While companies have always taken care of their assets, the standard emphasizes and promotes a strategic view of core assets for an efficient management. This becomes an often-interesting approach for the cement industry with its large capital base of fixed assets.